Norman Pattiz Spearheading the Release of Podcast Advertising Survey Results

Several comprehensive studies were recently conducted on advertising tests. Norman Pattiz then oversaw the release of the results. The tests were done on several consumer brands and then divided into categories according to product and service. These tests were the first of their kind ever done as far as brand awareness is concerned for podcast advertisers. The test findings showed that the advertising had an impact on brand recall, purchase intent, and specific messaging remembrance.


Five brands were involved in the research conducted by Edison Research for Podcast One in 2016. The efficacy of podcast advertising for the five brands was then tested. Podcast listeners had participated in online surveys before the advertisements were run. The advertisements were then run for between four and six weeks. Involved brands were of two types. Those seeking to establish themselves in the market and popular ones looking to convey a new message to consumers.


The findings showed that the podcast listeners were more likely to consider purchasing the advertised services and products. The following is what was deduced after the campaign:


  • Financial product, motor vehicle, garden products awareness increased by 47%, 37% and 24% respectively
  • More than 60% of the listeners were able to talk about a specific brand. The figure was at 7% before the campaign
  • Awareness of a campaign message for a restaurant and a vehicle product showed a 76% and 60% increase respectively



Norman then concluded the release of these results. He stressed that the stand on podcasts being more effective than the ordinary advertising platforms could now be justified. The numbers spoke for themselves.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Patttiz is a renowned radio personality. He is the man behind Westwood One and Podcast One which are both leading radio networks. Norman oversaw Westwood One’s growth into a leader in radio content delivery in the country. He is a consultant at Westwood One at the moment having left back in 1994. In 2012, he launched Podcast One which also gained traction to become a leader in production and distribution of on-demand audio content.


His experience in the media industry is impressive based on the fact that he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for seven years. This board is tasked to oversee all the nonmilitary broadcasting in the country. Norman was involved in the formation of American television and radio services in the Middle East. These services proved to be successful having garnered a huge following in these areas. Norman Pattiz has been recognized for his work in radio having been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.


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