Mike Baur Changed His Career By Following His Passion And This Changed Many Lives

Mike Baur is a native of Switzerland, and Freiburg was his childhood home. His education, and degrees were geared for a career in the banking industry. By 1991, he had become an expert in finances, and worked for the Union Bank of Switzerland, or UBS. Although this was the perfect reflection of the plan he had for his life, there were many unexpected turns. He continued to serve the UBS through the 1990’s and achieved an important position before he turned thirty. He advised Swiss investors, but in 2008, he chose to leave his position. He went to work for a different bank in Zurich called the Clariden Leu, where he remained for six years. Despite the excellent benefits, and compensation, in 2014 he left due to the lack of appeal he was feeling towards the world of banking. He made the decision to begin helping entrepreneurs in the tech field.


This was when Mike Baur irrevocably changed his life in 2014 with the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory. One of the men he graduated from Bern University with became his partner. He began an incubator program with Ben Vern, focusing on mentoring, and training Swiss entrepreneurs. They funded startups, provided rent free offices, and gave assistance for three months. The participants were taught how to market globally, network, obtain funding, and increase their chances to succeed. The business started encouraging entrepreneurs to enter pitching contests. This enabled entrepreneurs to publicly speak regarding their business models, products, and future. Only firms with funding beneath $1 million were accepted, the startups were evaluated by experts, the plans were rated, and the winner decided. Mike Baur was crucial in SSUF’s establishment as a business incubator.


Mike Baur then established Think Reloaded, and affluent clients received sophisticated advice regarding finances. After a collaboration with SSUF, Swiss Startup Day began, leading to an alliance with BV4. This allowed inventions, ideas, and intellectual property to be evaluated. This partnership resulted in BV4 being directed by both Meister, and Mike Baur. The difference between incubators, and SSUF is most incubators are not independent. This allows the firm to operate without conflicts of interest, and provide better results. Mike Baur is still serving the Swiss Startup Factory, and running Think Reloaded. He concentrates on fundraising, and financing necessary for SSUF. His career is a result of bold strategies, and his passion. He has been instrumental in helping new entrepreneurs learn, and succeed.