Mark Hutchinson Lives The Wild Life

Mark Hutchinson has been drawn to the outdoors ever since he was a child. He enjoys horse back riding, fishing, and gathering sheep. After school, he spent an entire year in North Australian just camping and traveling. He also drove through Africa during this time and it evoked a desire for an adventure deep within his soul. This gave the idea to create UNTAMED, an adventure based company and was later changed into Avana. After this venture, Mark Hutchinson wanted to be able to combine his love for wild animals and traveling with other people. He wanted to encourage others to enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. This led to the creation of WildArk, which is dedicated to saving the most fragile ecosystems around. Learn more:


Mark Hutchinson grew up in near New South Wales and later moved to Sydney. The Outback was always drawing his attention. While he was attending the University of Sydney, he also created a personal training company. He enjoyed his years working with UNTAMED because he was able to open people’s eyes to the great outdoors and inspire them. He met his partner, Anton Lategan, and this gave him the idea to combine UNTAMED with eco training. In order to get this started, he attended the INSEAD Business School in France to get his MBA. This gave him the business understanding he needing in order to create a successful company. Learn more:


WildArk is the result of all this experience that Mark Hutchinson has built up over the years. They work to preserve ecosystems so that the animals that live in them can thrive and live happily. They do this buying and restoring land in order to allow these ecosystems to flourish. He believes it is very important for humans to have a connection with nature because it is part of their foundation. He is raising his family in a middle ground between the city and the wilderness. He comes up with his ideas by writing them down on a white board. He is very excited by the advances in technology because it makes it easier to spread the word about wilderness preservation. Learn more: